Eating Out: La Plage, Goa


La Plage, a gorgeous French eatery, located on Ashwem beach, is definitely on top of my list of must visits when in Goa!

It is one of the few restaurants in Goa that needs you to have a prior reservation. The place is gorgeous with cane rooftops, beach facing tables and food that will make you want more. The service is prompt, very friendly and lets you enjoy and absorb the feel of the place without much disturbance. The beach side view, white sands, sound of the waves and soft jazz music in the background add on to the experience at La Plage.

The menu is a good change from the regular sea food menu at other shacks. Try the Barbecued Minced Chicken and the Caesar’s Salad. The drinks were pretty good too. Easily the best Mojito that I’ve had anywhere! This is probably one of the only places in Goa where you’d want to skip the beer and call for some sparkling wine instead!

And when you think you’re too full, go for a stroll to the beach and come back to enjoy the rest of your meal!

Venue: La Plage

Ashwem Beach, Goa

Phone: +919822347462

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