How To Spend a Day at Alleppey

God’s Own Country as it is rightly called, Kerala will make you fall in love with India. The green fields, the backwaters, the drizzly mornings, everything is in perfect sync.

If you plan to make a trip to Kerala, spending two days at Alleppey, now known as Alappuzha, is a must. If you are short on time, we have a low down on what you can do to make the most of one whole day in this beautiful little place.

Add these few things to your must-do things and when you come back you will have a host of stories to tell.

1] Hire a bike

The best way to travel in Alleppey is to hire bikes. This will cost you around Rs.400-500 per day plus petrol which is quite a good deal as the place is spaced out and you can’t travel on foot everywhere.

2] House Boat or Shikara Ride

boat ride in alleppeyIf you are staying at a hotel and not at a House Boat, skip your hotel breakfast and start your day with the boat ride. The ride costs about Rs.700-1000 for two hours and takes you to a tiny village for breakfast (only on request). You will never feel so much at peace with yourself as much as on this 2 hour journey. Keep your cameras handy or you will miss some unbelievable glimpses of nature.

The breakfast destination is a tourist hotspot. Vishnu Restaurant and Ice Cream Bar has two pet eagles who will happily come and sit on your shoulder/arm and allow you to take pictures, while you order for your appams and idlis.

3] Visit the Market

Alleppey has a bustling market where you can find almost everything. Spot the two huge wafer shops and fill up your shopping bags with Banana, Tapioca, Jackfruit wafers, flavoured Halwas and more. Pick up some colorful lungis, sarees for your friends & folks and pack up some fresh, fragnant spices from the street carts.

4] Lunch at Cassia

crab meat and appam

5] Hit the Beach

alleppey beachEnjoy the sun and the sand. Spend an hour at Alleppey/ Alappuzha beach and feel rejuvenated.

6] Get a Massage

If you don’t feel rejuvenated yet, it’s time to get a massage. Kerala is known for its Ayurvedic treatments and massages. ShreeKrishna Ayurvedic Massage Centre at HMCA road is a great place to relax, rejuvenate and revitalize. There are lots of other options as well including the spas within hotels.

8] Grab a beer at Pagoda

pagodaPagoda is a hotel near the Palace bridge and has a tiny little bar where you can get chilled beers and some delicious snacks like beef fry, prawns masala, chicken 65 and more. They have a gorgeous property where you can spots ducks and other birds.

9] Cold Coffee & Dinner at Indian Coffee House

cold coffee at indian coffee house

Indian Coffee House is one of the most popular local joints which will make you feel nostalgic.  The Cold Coffee here is simple, frill free, yet mind blowing and will make you forget all the popular Coffee Chains from the metro cities. This place serves great food as well. Chicken Cutlet, Biryani and Ghee Dosa topped our list. End your meal with the Cassatta Ice Cream or the Sharja Shake. Mmmm.

10] Irani Parottha

irani parotthaSave some space for the streetside Irani Parottha. Watching it being made is a delight in itself! The cart is on the streets till about 12 AM, probably the only place where you get food till midnight in Alleppey.

Getting there: Take a flight to Kochi Airport (Cochin) and hire a prepaid cab from the airport. Alleppey is about 84 kms from the airport.



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