Eating Out: Cassia, Alappuzha

While in Alleppey, you will find a lot of small eateries and if people realize that you are not a local, they will all suggest you to go try out the North Indian food joints. I think that is what they stereotypically think all non-locals would love. However, we ONLY wanted to try out the local food and luckily we stumbled upon Cassia at the Alleppey Beach.

Now from the outside, this place looks like an American restaurant with posters of Burgers and Pizzas, but to our great surprise, the menu is fascinating, with continental food and local food.

The ambience is simple, nothing out of the box. The service is quite prompt or considering the fact that there were not many people when we went there.

crab meat and appam

crab meat and appam

We ordered for the Kerala Masala Crabs, Appams, Malabari Parothas and Coconut Milk. The Crabs were delicious and were prepared in a dry spicy masala that we thoroughly enjoyed. The appams were soft, crispy and fluffy, just perfect! The Malabari Parothas were flaky and went well with the Crab Masala.

Just a warning, their portion sizes are huge and completely worth the price. Afterall, Kerala is a place where the sizes of the portions as well as the hearts are both pretty big and warm 🙂

Venue: Cassia Restaurant

Alappuzha Beach, Near Beach Bridge, Alappuzha

Phone: 0477 2176300

Food: ★★★★ Service: ★★★★ Ambience: ★★★

Value for Money: ★★★★

Getting To Alappuzha: Take a flight to Kochi Airport (Cochin) and hire a prepaid cab from the airport. Alappuzha is about 84 kms from the airport.


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