Hangover Food Cures from Around The World

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor. Did you too hit the floor last night?

Too many long weekends, too many drinks down. The only thing you dread the next day is a hangover! Pop open those wine bottles as you read ahead because we’re putting together a list of the best hangover foods from around the world.

Turkey: kokorecTurkey’s most common cure is this dish called Kokorec. Grilled lamb intestine spiced with red pepper and curry, served on bread with a spicy walnut sauce. It’s also one of the most sought popular street foods in Turkey, making it the perfect hangover meal.


A full English breakfast or a fry up comprising of eggs, bacon, sausage, baked beans and tea or coffee is the ultimate hangover cure in England. Greasy and salty, this one will definitely fix you in one spot and throw your hangover out of the window.
Vietnam:phoAnother popular street food, Pho, a noodle soup is considered to be delicious and comforting option on a head-spinning morning. Pho consists of broth, linguine-shaped rice noodles called bánh phở, a few herbs, and meat, either beef or chicken. TIP: Eat two slices of jalapeno before starting on the soup and get ready to get drunk again!

Korea:HaejanggukInterestingly, Koreans have mastered the art of curing a hangover with a dedicated dish. Haejangguk, which translates to, ‘soup to chase a hangover’, is prepared with dried Napa cabbage, congealed ox blood, and vegetables in a hearty beef broth. Haejangguk is also known as Sulguk.

India:While all of  us know that Idli, Dhokla, Upma are the lightest and easiest ways to soak in all the toxins from your body, a lesser known hangover cure is Palak Masoor Dal. Rich in proteins, this one is a fool proof cure to that stubborn spinning head.

Brazil:moquecaWhen in Brazil, it’s hard not to get drunk on their delicious local spirit, cachaça. And just when you think you have had an overdoze of the same, gorge on to some Moqueca. Moqueca is a Brazilian salt water fish stew prepared in coconut milk, tomatoes, onions, garlic, coriander and some palm oil.


Aptly named the Drunken  Noodles or the Pad Kee Mao is a stir fried noodle dish made with broad rice noodles, soy sauce, fish sauce, garlic, meat, seafood or tofu, bean sprouts and various seasonings. The spiciness and a fiery punch is more than enough to nudge you out of that hangover. They also have the “Drunken fried rice” or khao phat khi mao.


menudoMenudo is a common Mexican hangover cure made with beef stomach in broth with a red chili pepper base. Traditionally, Menudo was a family food prepared by the entire family and more recently it has been proved to be a remedy for hangover.


If you want to do the Waka Waka in Africa just like Shakira, you better not be hungover! The classic Yassa, a chicken stew with lemon, onion and spicy chillies served over rice is the traditional cure to those frowny, moody mornings after a crazy drunken night. And Yassa, originally from Senegal, also happens to be the most popular dish in West Africa!

Know of any other dishes from around the world that cure hangovers? Write to us on here or leave a comment below 🙂 Cheers!

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