Tokyo – Things you MUST do!

Tokyo, Japan’s capital, will not fail to amaze you at any point. Technologically advanced, culturally rich, surprisingly stylish and still so pure! You will fall in love with this city almost instantly!

If you’re planning a visit, 5 days to 1 week should be the ideal time you should spend in this city. We put together a list of things you must do when you are here on the basis of our first hand experience!

1] Experience the Shinjuku Nightlife

Ren, Shinjuku

Ren, Shinjuku

Don’t stay anywhere else but at Shinjuku, when in Tokyo. It is well connected, easily accessible and lively till the wee hours of the morning. The night begins at 12 AM here and you will be surprised to see the lanes lit up and bustling as long as you want it to. Gay bars, Cabaret pubs and all sorts of strange clubs populate this area. But that’s not what we’re asking you to try. Go for a robot show at The Robot Restaurant, experience an extravagent evening with a live performance at Ren or simply enjoy a couple of beers at The Hub – a british bar. You’re never going to fall short of choices here!

2] Catch a strip show at Roppongi 

Roppongi is famous for two things, Roppongi Hills and the strip clubs/show pubs! Don’t miss out on either. Roppongi Hills is like a city within the city, high end restaurants and pubs, shopping stores. Take a walk around, grab a drink at one of the pubs and then head on to experience a show pub or a strip club. Seventh Heaven and Burlesque Tokyo are the ones we’d say definitely deserve a visit.

3] Visit a Maid Cafe in Akihabara

Strawberry Parfait at the Maid Cafe

Strawberry Parfait at the Maid Cafe

Your trip to Japan isn’t complete until you visit a Maid Cafe. Girls dressed up in short skirts and aprons jumping around your table and trying to make you feel ‘special’. It’s all about making every customer feel like a king or a queen. Although whether you feel like one or not, you will have to experience it to know.

Akihabara is famously known as the ‘electric town’, so make sure to take a walk around the area to check out the range of electronics that are on display and your love for gadgets will definitely come alive!

4] Tokyo Sky Tree

View from Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Sky Tree which inaugrated in 2012 as the world’s tallest ‘free-standing tower’ at 634m, is another must visit in Tokyo. Get yourself the entry ticket from the 4th floor and step into the super fast elevator! There are two observation decks, at 350m and 450m. We visited the tower at night and we are in awe of the panoramic view of dazzling, lit up Tokyo city!

Don’t miss the small section of glass tiles, where you can see right down *dizzzzy*.  Make sure you take a picture, where the staff will happily click a picture of you with your camera (for free) and with theirs (at a cost)! Once you’re done, shop for some keepsakes, have a meal or simple lounge around at the ground level.

5] Hang out with a Panda at Ueno Zoo

Panda at Ueno Zoo

Panda at Ueno Zoo

Watching all those Youtube videos and can’t wait to actually see pandas? Head to Ueno Zoo and watch them laze around trees and make you go ‘aww’. Unfortunately, you can’t take them home!

6] Shibuya Crossing

What’s so great about a junction crossing, you ask? Imagine a busy junction with hundreds of people. When the signal lights turn red, they all turn red at the same time in every direction. Traffic halts, pedestrians surge into the intersection from all sides, like marbles spilling out of a box. A moment you can’t miss even for a million bucks! It’s called ‘the moment of organized chaos’ and you can observe this from Shibuya station or from the upper level of Starbucks opposite the station.

7] Make Your Own Monjayaki 

make your own monjayaki

Going to Japan and not experiencing a Monjayaki is such a shame. Forget the sushis and sashimis, Monjayaki is one of Tokyo’s most popular dishes. And even better if you can make your own Monjayaki. On your visit to Tokyo Skytree, stop by at Tsukishima Meibutsu Monja Daruma. Pour the ingredients on a grill and take some help from the servers to prepare your on Monja pancake. You might or might not like the taste of the final pancake but the experience is definitely worth a try!

8] Indulge at the Lindt Cafe

Lindt Shake

Lindt Shake

Waited for your uncle or aunt to come back from that foreign trip and get you a bar of lindt? Imagine stepping into a cafe that serves everything made of lindt! Experience a slice of heaven at the Lindt Cafe at Ginza. From Lindt White Chocolate Matcha Tea, Dark Chocolate Shake, Lindt Macarons, you are definitely going to want it all!

9] Shop at the Tax Free Shops

Tax free shops in Japan

Tax free shops in Japan

Planning to buy some local goodies for your family and friends? What if we told you everything you buy would be tax free? Step into a tax free departmental store (you’ll spot one at every block), and pick up some yummy goodies like Matcha Tea, Green Tea KitKat, Wasabi Nuts and more! Flash your passport and get a refund on the tax at the end of your shopping! Happy shopping 🙂

10] Take a train to Mt. Fuji

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji

Take a train to Otsuki station and from Otsuki, hop on to the Fujikyu Railway Line to Kawaguchiko Station. An absolute joy ride, keep looking outside the windows to see the beauty of nature! Once you’re at Kawaguchiko, take the buses to move around or simple walk through the area. P.S: Be prepared to fall in love!

Tokyo, where the weather is cold, the people are warm and the streets are gleaming! We can’t wait to go back and here’s hoping you plan a trip to this beautiful city soon!

Have any questions? Tell us in the comments below and we will try our best to answer them!

7 thoughts on “Tokyo – Things you MUST do!

  1. Nice article on Japan! Reminds me of our trip some 12 ago. I’m sure a lot has changed in all these years. I must say my favorite places were outside of Tokyo and in the country side. Walking up Mt Fuji was amazing though.


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