5 Must Try Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai, the city of skyscrapers and tall towers, a visit to this beautiful city will amaze you in ways more than one.

On my recent visit to Dubai, I was on an indulging spree, I visited some of the best restaurants and here’s my low down on the top 5 I absolutely loved!


nando's peri peri sauces

Nando’s Peri Peri Sauces

This is my go-to place when I step out of India. Not long ago, Nando’s had opened in Mumbai as well, but shut down soon after. Now on every visit to Dubai, my first meal has to be here. Their grilled chicken with the uber popular Nando’s Peri Peri Hot Sauce cannot be missed for anything in the world. Opt for their meal platter if you are going in a group alongwith the Wing Roulette which comprises of 10 randomly spiced rings.

There are multiple outlets of Nando’s in Dubai but my personal favourite is the one at The Greens. They have a breezy outdoor section alongwith a cozy indoor section. A special mention to the service which adds a cherry on the already yummy cake!

The Observatory

View from the Observatory

View from the Observatory

Imagine a panoramic view of the gorgeous Marina and Palm from the 52nd Floor of the Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel. It makes for a perfect option for a brunch or lunch. The Observatory, a lounge, a restaurant or a fine dine, this one fits all three categories with its multiple sections. The ambiance is elegant with minimalistic decor and peppy music that is not too loud, atleast during the day.

They have a multicuisine menu and set lunches that you can opt for. The service is slightly laid back but who’s in a hurry anyway when you have such a beautiful view to enjoy.

As for the food, it’s not bad, not too amazing either. A perfect option for some finger food, wine and a romantic date, keep this on your to-do lists.

Special Ostadi Kebabs

If you want to experience the essence of Bur Dubai, dining at Ostadi is a must. With a small menu and big hearts, you cannot walk out of this restaurant without feeling overwhelmed.

As we entered, we were in love with the feel of the place, walls adorned with pictures of customers, clocks, old age phones and currency notes from around the world. The service, extremely warm and friendly, everyone’s talking to everyone kinda place!

As for the food, the melt in the mouth kebabs – the Kebab Khas and the Shish Kabab being my favourites! Don’t miss having their Irani Chai at the end of your meal.

Carnival by Tresind


What could be better than enjoying a fancy Indian dinner in a wonderfully cozy ambiance alongwith some live gimmicks being performed at your table. Carnival by Tresind is a must visit for everyone who enjoys the little drama that modern dining has brought into the culinary scene.

While you are here, order for the cocktail ‘Koyla’ or the bartender’s special. They prepare it at your table with liquid nitrogen and it is quite a treat to watch! For starters, try the Khicha Chaat which begins with a server painting with chutneys on a plate and then cracking the khichas in front of you, transports you to the lanes of chowpatty. The Pullinji – crispy fried prawns marinated in tamarind sauce & ginger chilli  are another delicious option to try, spicy, tangy and yummy! In the mains, try the Airline Chicken – Tandoori Chicken Terrine, Curry and Bread – served like an economy class Chicken Meal and the Rajasthani Lal maas are a must try.

Don’t forget to try the highlight dish, the Gajak for dessert. The name sounds misleading but it is actually a massive Chocolate ball with ice cream, mousse, brownies, chocolate sauce, dehydrated strawberries and many other things. But more than the ingredients, the theatrical plating is completely worth a watch. The end result is nothing less than an award winning painting!

The Cheesecake Factory


Located on the ground level of the Mall Of Emirates with a view of Ski Dubai, the Cheesecake Factory is another must visit restaurant when in Dubai. Though they have 3 other outlets as well, I’d prefer to enjoy the view of people skiing down the icy mountains or walking in and out of the mock igloos while savouring a delicious American or European meal. Try the Chicken Marsala and Mushroom which is recommended by their chef as well and their delish burgers!

Only a fool would not try the Cheesecake at the Cheesecake factory. Don’t get carried away with the range of cheesecakes and just order one if you are two of you. The cheesecakes are massive, nonetheless sinful. We tried the Oreo Cheesecake which was generously stuffed with Oreos and even though it was huge, it didn’t take us any more than 90 seconds to gobble it down.



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