Eating Out: Tsukishima Meibutsu Monja Daruma, Tokyo

Going to Japan and not experiencing a Monjayaki is such a shame. Forget the sushis and sashimis, Monjayaki is one of Tokyo’s most popular dishes. And even better if you can make your own Monjayaki.

On your visit to Tokyo’s gorgeous landmark, Tokyo Skytree, don’t forget to stop by at Tsukishima Meibutsu Monja Daruma on level 7. Don’t let the long queue outside fool or discourage you. It moves fast and is definitely worth the wait. Once inside, opt for the low seating to give you the traditional Japanese meal feels and get ready to order.

It’s simple, order a combination of ingredients from the menu(I would suggest, be as experimental as you can), once they arrive, pour the ingredients on a grill with the help of the servers and prepare your own Monja pancake. Order a beer to keep you company as you enjoy your sizzling pancake. Also, don’t forget to try their seaweed salad which is another hit here.

PS: You might or might not like the taste of the final pancake but the experience is definitely worth a try!

Venue: Tsukishima Meibutsu Monja Daruma

Level 7, Tokyo Skytree

Phone: +81 3-5809-7408

Food: ★★★★ Service: ★★★★★ Ambience: ★★★★

Value for Money: ★★★★

Getting To Tokyo Skytree: Here are all the train lines that can take you to the Tokyo Skytree

4 thoughts on “Eating Out: Tsukishima Meibutsu Monja Daruma, Tokyo

    1. Very few vegetarian options anywhere in Tokyo. Here, they had some salads, most of them had seafood, they would probably customise it to make it a vegetarian option though.


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