5 Things You Must EAT When In Sri Lanka

One thing that absolutely delighted us on our visit to Sri Lanka was the cuisine! The local food was aromatic, flavourful and similar yet so different than Indian cuisine. Coconut, spices and herbs dominate the ingredients in Sri Lankan cuisine. So on our trip, we tried a lot of local food and here’s a list of a few dishes that we think you just can’t miss when you visit Sri Lanka.

1] Sri Lankan Biryani

Sri Lankan Biryani at Cantaloupe Levels, Galle

The spices and herbs in the Sri Lankan Biryani make it extremely enticing and fragrant. Topped with boiled eggs, fried onions, cashews, rice hoppers, curry leaves and raisins, it is hard to get this pot meal out of your mind for days after consumption. We are still dreaming about this delicacy in Sri Lanka which is why you cannot miss savouring it!

2] Devilled Chicken/ Fish

Devilled Fish at Jungle Beach, Unawatuna

One thing that you will spot on every restaurant or cafe’s menu in Sri Lanka is the Devilled Fish or Chicken. It is one of the most commonly eaten appetizer in Sri Lankan Cuisine. It’s a type of fried fish prepared with saffron, coconut oil, curry leaves and chilli. Some places even add sugar to it to give it a sweet and spicy flavour.

3] Kottu Roti

Sri Lanka’s famous street food is the Kottu Roti which is easily available on the roadside stalls across the country. It’s known to be discovered by the tea estate workers in Sri Lanka. Rotis or Parathas are torn to shreds and mashed with vegetables, eggs and a meat curry. You can watch it being tossed live and relish it in a couple of minutes after placing your order.

4] Sri Lankan Fish Curry with Rice Hoppers

Sri Lankan Fish Curry with Rice Hoppers

A balanced meal in Sri Lanka consists of Fish Curry, Masoor Dal (Red Lentils), Pickle and Rice String Hoppers. The fish curry is either prepared in coconut milk or in a spicy gravy and most places will give you that option.

5] Kola Kenda – Leaf or Herbal Porridge

Kola Kenda – Sri Lankan Breakfast

Kola Kenda is a herbal soup that Sri Lankans consume for breakfast. Prepared with plenty of greens, aubergine, avocado, local rice and water and coconut, this dish is supposed to be extremely nutritious and high on vitamin value. It is hence also known as the energy dish and is usually had on an empty stomach. The taste of it can be subjective to each one’s palate but if you’re in Sri Lanka, you might as well try this unique and local preparation.

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