How To Spend a Week In London

The capital city of London is picturesque to the next level. Stand anywhere you like and you will get a perfect picture! I spend about 10 days there and I can’t wait to go back and enjoy the long walks and cold winds.

If you’re planning your trip to London, you obviously have the tourist destinations like the Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and London Bridge on your to do, but here are a few things that you must add on to your bucketlist.

1] Meditate/ Read a book at St. James Park

London and it’s parks, totally had me awestruck. I could just lie down and read a book or do some yoga and meditate on the grassy parks without anyone disturbing me. Maybe the squirrels would keep me company every now and then!

2] Raise the bets at the Hippodrome Casino

Whether you bet or not, a visit to Hippodrome Casino is a must. The vibe of the place is lively and fun! The dealers are friendly and you can definitely grab a bite here and a few drinks here. But don’t forget to concentrate on your game!

3] Live the royal life at Windsor Castle

History enthusiasts, your visit to London is incomplete without a visit to Windsor. Take a tour inside the castle and get acquainted with the history and lifestyle of the royals.

4] Shop at Oxford and Bond Street

If you’re in London, you can’t leave without shopping! Get the best of high street fashion at Oxford and Bond Street and a lot of great deals as well. If you’re not too brand conscious, just step into Primark and fill your shopping bags with gifts for yourself and your loved ones.

5] Cultural Walk at Piccadilly Circus

My most favourite part of London was Piccadilly Circus. From great food and shopping to arts and culture, this street has it all! I particularly loved the road shows and performances that were happening at every little stretch. This one you can’t miss out on.

6] Madagascar Life at Wouborn Safari

If you like to move it, move it, then Wouborn Safari is the place to be. Take a walk with the kangaroos, say hello to the giraffe or let the monkeys do some monkeying around and on top of your car at this drive-through safari park. This one is an experience of a lifetime!

7] Catch the theatrical Lion King

Book well in advance for Disney’s award-winning musical which is now in its 18th year at London’s Lyceum Theatre. To get good prices and great seats, make sure your bookings are done atleast two weeks in advance.

8] Cast a magic spell at Platform 9 3/4

Harry Potter fans, say Aye! *Wingardium Leviosa* Get ready to levitate cause you’re at Platform 9 3/4. Get your cameras ready and head to King’s Cross Station where you can break the internet with a picture of yourself at Platform 9 3/4.

9] Take a walk through London’s Tower Bridge

Usually confused with London Bridge, Tower Bridge is the iconic symbol of London which crosses the River Thames. There is a walkway on the bridge for pedestrians and it is an absolute delight to walk over it in the night.

10] Grab a beer over the Thames next to the London Eye

The London Eye, River Thames, Beer and everything you love, in one frame! Stop by for a beer or two at Tattershall Castle which is a pub on a ship. Won’t vouch for the food, but the view from the deck is worth every penny!

11] Revel in nostaligia at M&Ms World

I turned into a little kid when I entered the M&Ms World and I’m pretty sure you will too! Located at Leicester Square, it’s so wonderful to see your favourite candy in all colours and forms alongwith cool merchandise, all under one roof!

12] Grab a bite at Hyde Park

After a long walk in the huge Hyde Park, you are bound to feel hungry. Find your way to the Lido Cafe and Bar which is inside the park. With a stunning lakeside view along The Serpentine and a large alfresco dining area, The Lido Café and Bar is perfect to just sit back, relax with a glass of beer, a burger and some good company!


35 thoughts on “How To Spend a Week In London

  1. I haven been to the Woburn Safari even though i’ve been here for a year but you definitely hit almost all the fun activity to do in London. Night activities are quite popular here too as well. Its really happening everything the moment it hits Thursday.


    1. I’m a Londoner and always find it interesting to see what people enjoy doing in my city, so it was nice to see your post. I would also add to it that you must visit Borough Market in London Bridge and walk around Southbank. Also, if you want to see something off the beaten track, I would recommend a day out in East London: Hope you had fun and liked London!


  2. Ohhh I had no idea that there was an M & M world. My husband is addicted to them. We are heading to London in December and it’s now been added to my list. Thank you!


  3. Those are great recommendations! I lived in London for 4 years and still havent done or see everything! The city is so amazing and there is so much to do! Great photos !


  4. A post unlike other on things to do in London 🙂 In a busy place such as this one, the idea of Meditating at St. James Park is appealing. And the beer by the river… I did this in York and loved it and would want to experience in London too!


  5. These is a great itinerary! I love London and I’m dying to go back. Hopefully I’ll be able to soon so that I can see some of the things I missed on my last visit!


  6. I love how your tips range from meditation to gambling. And I didn’t even know there is a safari in London! Thanks a lot for helpful tips – it’s definitely not the ordinary tourist guide 🙂


  7. As a London resident I always enjoy reading articles about the best things to do here! I love to explore my own city. I really like how you have mixed in some of the most popular attractions like Tower Bridge with some less common recommendations. I’ve been to the Hippodrome Casino a couple of times – love a game of poker, and it’s one of the best places in the UK for it 🙂


  8. Love this post! We spent 8 days in London a few years ago but there are still a few things on your list that we missed. Like you, we really loved St James and Hyde parks


  9. Great London Bucket List. I love Hyde Park. It’s so much fun! There is so much to see and do in London I feel like you could spend a month here and still not run out of places to see!


  10. Awesome suggestions, I love the pictures too! I missed on quite a few of the things you said but would also recommend just hanging around Camden. Loads of amazing street food there!


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