A Day at the Woburn Safari Park – London

“Animals aren’t wild, they’re just free.” Everytime I read this quote, I go back to reminiscing my experience at the Woburn Safari Park on the outskirts of London.

The Woburn Safari Park is located on Bedfordshire Parkland and is 300 acres huge. You can start with a road safari, then walk around and enjoy a ton of leisure activities. You start off at the entrance with a map which shows you which animals are located where. It’s a huge jungle with pathways for the car to move around. You can spot Zebras, Horses, Bisons, Tigers, Lions, Bears, Giraffes, Elephants, Deer, Rhinos, Antelopes, Wolves, Bongos, Macaques, Monkeys and so many more!

Once you’re done with the car safari, you can set out on foot and interact with some of the friendly and some playful four legged buddies. The mongoose, meerkats, lemurs and porcupines will make you feel like a part of the Madagascar movie. We were right in time for their meal time so we could actually watch them being fed and running around playfully.

There is a Sea Lion Cove which is the indoor demonstration pool and is home to Californian Sea Lions. You can check the events schedule and catch a 3d movie about the sea lions. You can even catch an owl show called the Birds of Prey demonstration as per the timetable. And if you like bird watching (literally), you could take a walk into the Rainbow Landing, buy your pot of nectar, keep your camera ready and wait for the birds to land on you for their food. The lories and lorikeets – brightly feathered parrots will be hovering over and on you for the nectar.

My absolute favourite section of the foot safari was strolling through the Australian Walkabout. The Australian Walkabout is home to Greater Rhea and Red Necked Wallabies which belong to the kangaroo family. Imagine walking around with these lovelies hopping around you.

There is a lot more to do here, you can enjoy the shows, dine at the cafe or just spend time walking around the lush park. The key is to start early so you have enough time to spend here.

Venue: Woburn Safari Park

Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire

Buy Tickets Here: Tickets

Getting to Woburn Safari Park: Woburn Safari Park is approximately one hour’s drive from London, Oxford, Cambridge and Birmingham and is only accessible by car.

Below are the postcodes directing you to your closest entrance:

From J13 of the M1 – Follow signs to Woburn Safari Park. Use the postcode MK17 9QN, for the entrance gate on High Street in Ridgmont.

From the A5 – Follow signs to Woburn village, Woburn Safari Park is signposted. Use the postcode MK43 0XB for your sat nav, for directions to the entrance gate on Turnpike Road, Husborne Crawley. (source: official website)

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30 thoughts on “A Day at the Woburn Safari Park – London

  1. Those Kangaroos are too cute. Really, there is such a vast variety of wildlife right in the lap of nature. This is so much my kind of way of being with nature. And your description on this place makes me wanna plan for it this summer. 🙂


  2. I haven’t been to a zoo for ages and this post made me feel like I should be making a trip there soon. Since I am in London now , will definitely come here. Only have to get a car here now.


  3. Never been to this safari park before but it looks great. Fab photos too. I’m surprised they have monkeys there as the ones at West Midlands safari park used to cause havoc!


  4. This park looks amazing! I love animals so much, being surrounded by them is like a paradise for me! I would really love to visit this lovely place! 💗


  5. Loved this post.Will definitely visit this place someday.Especially coz of the beautiful wildlife photography that you have taken .Makes me want to go see the place and get some lovely pics too.Thanks for sharing.I’l pin your post for using it later.


  6. Our family enjoys visiting zoos. The Woburn Safari Park looks like a great one to visit. The sea lion shows sound interesting, as does the show about the birds of prey. I’m with you about the Australian walkabout. I would love spending time with the wallabies.


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