Las Vegas – 5 Things That Will Take Us Back Here

The Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas, lives up to all the hype! Glitz and glam, it’s all there. The Vegas Strip allows you to experience luxury like never before and gives you a mini world tour. Be it the Statue of Liberty at New York – New York, Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas. Gondolas giving you a Venice experience at the Venetian, and a replica of Italy’s Lake Como at The Bellagio.

Sin City is the best place to lose all your inhibitions and party, bet, dance, drink and binge! Here are a few things that will definitely take us back to this city and that you can easily fit in a 3 – 4 day itinerary.

1] Beef Up at Gordon Ramsay Burger, Planet Hollywood Hotel.

Burger lovers, this one is a paradise for you. From traditional to unique burgers, Gordon Ramsay’s this epic burger place at Planet Hollywood claims to use the freshest, quality ingredients. Beef patties are cooked over an open flame fueled by hard woods and you can taste the smokey flavour in every bite. If you’re lucky enough, you might even spot Gordon Ramsay himself coming up to you and asking you if you’re burger is good enough!

2] Get starry eyed at a Live Concert

If you’re in Vegas and you don’t attend one of the live concerts, then your trip is incomplete. We were so lucky that Backstreet Boys were performing in Vegas on our dates, we prebooked our tickets from and our nostalgic musical journey was worth every penny! We also attended another well known live show – Vegas The Show which takes you back to the history of Vegas with some fabulous performers. Check out the schedules online and pre book your tickets so you’re not disappointed. Even better, book your trip according to the performers, every big music star performs in Vegas and it really feels like a dream come true!

3] Sip, sip, hooray! Tank up on the Margaritas!

Margaritas in California

Probably the only place where you can walk on the streets with a drink in your hand. We’ve had the best Margaritas in the USA – icy, potent and so many flavours! I think, we tried all of them. *hic*
Skip your regular spirits and just enjoy the amazing Margaritas, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, cause you’re in the Party Capital and you gotta enjoy every minute.

4] Give the luxury a skip for some street style fun at the Fremont Street Experience

If the main street of Vegas is too overwhelming for you, head to Fremont Street Experience. This is like a more lively experience with so much to do! Catch the street performers, win some, lose some in the casinos, ride down fremont street on the zip line, enjoy a free live concert, get mesmerized by the light show definitely don’t miss out on taking a free photo with a million dollars at Binions.

5] Win some and lose some with The Game of Craps

Remember the episode of Friends where all 6 of them are in Vegas and Monica is rolling the dice in the casino and a hard eight would mean that she and Chandler get married? Well, yes, that is the game called Craps. You roll and you win or you lose! The game can keep you hooked for hours. While there are the slot machines that you can keep trying your luck on or be the ‘lurker’ and win big!

Other common things to do in Vegas that you shouldn’t miss either: 

6] Take a picture with the Vegas Sign

7] Catch the fountain show

8] Take a trip to the Grand Canyon

9] Jump down the Stratosphere

10] Catch the dancing fountains at The Bellagio


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2 thoughts on “Las Vegas – 5 Things That Will Take Us Back Here

  1. Sounds like you have so much fun in Las Vegas , I haven’t been there yet hopefully soon have a chance to visit it!
    The burgers make me feel hungry 😋 is look delicious 😋


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